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Who we are.Locomotion Marketing (taken from Local Promotions) is based in Torquay, Devon.

I Tech Trading began life in 1996 as a computer shop in Torquay, Devon called Swift Computer Systems. Over the years we spent thousands of pounds in advertising, in 2008, we spent over £10,000 utilising various media and techniques but still, returns barely covered expenses, so we took matters into our own hands, printed 1000 leaflets and spent some time going around the local area posting them.

Within one day they had paid for themselves and within a week we were well into profit. Even now we get calls from people who were the original recipients around our area who pinned our advert to their cork boards for further use.

Local, direct advertising is cost effective and very productive, we have proved that but how do you get enough leaflets out to the public to really make a difference? We have the solution!

Not all leaflet delivery businesses are the same. We have a 5 point back check system, but how many leaflet delivery businesses actually give householders a free no junk mail sticker if they refuse delivery of our leaflets?

Why? Because we are sure you would rather people read your marketing material and not recycle it.

We want all of your business and you will not return to us if your leaflet campaign fails. It is in our best interests to ensure your leaflets get read.

Does this mean more work for us?

Yes, there maybe areas where we can only deliver 75% due to no unaddressed mail stickers, but at least we know that those householders are reading them. It simply means we have to find more homes in adjacent areas to deliver the excess. Upon completion, reports are made and our mapping system updated so we know the house count for future rounds

Client list includes

DCC. rowcroft. Action for children. LTA.

Frequently Asked Questions

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Our Services

Solus GPS tracking

Solus delivery

Your leaflet is delivered without any other marketing material.

Shared Plan

Shared Plan

Leaflet delivered with up to three other, non-competing leaflets.

Leaflet Share

Leaflet Share

From only £50.00 for 5,000 adverts printed and delivered.

real time tracking

Reactive Response

This reactive plan suits tradesmen and Estate Agents.

real time tracking

Real Time Tracking

Track our team in realtime as they deliver your leaflets.

Leaflet design and web design.

Design & Print

Leafet design, printing, web design, we have it all covered!