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Frequently Asked Question


How much does leaflet distribution cost for heavier weights than 5g?
Our prices start at £100 per 1000 for solus. Prices are for A5 leaflets at 5g or less. For heavier weights, please add 0.50p per gram per 1000, so a 7g leaflet would be: 100+1(2x50p)=£101 per 1000

What are your payment terms?
Payment should be made prior to the start of your leaflet distribution.

How much notice do I have to give?
This may vary depending on the time of year etc, but for solus deliveries, we can normally start delivery within a week to ten days from receipt of the order.

How many leaflets do I need?
Our clientele have leaflet distributions that vary from 1000 leaflets to 10's of 1000's leaflet drops - we have the infrastructure to deal with any quantity.

How long will my leaflet distribution take?
This of course depends on the quantity supplied and the areas to be covered, but we will give you a start and anticipated completion date on ordering.

Client list includes

DCC. rowcroft. Action for children. LTA.

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Our Services

Solus tracking

Solus delivery

Your leaflet is delivered without any other marketing material.

Shared Plan

Shared Plan

Leaflet delivered with up to three other, non-competing leaflets.

Shared Leaflet

Shared Leaflet

From only £60.00 for 5,000 adverts printed and delivered.

real time tracking

Reactive Response

This reactive plan suits Tradesmen and Estate Agents.

b2b leaflet deliveries

B2B Deliveries

Target business customers with our out of hours service.

Leaflet design and web design.

Design & Print

Leafet design, printing, web design, we have it all covered!