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Leaflet Delivery Costs

delivery prices.How much does a leaflet drop cost?

Solus runs vary from £120-£160 per 1000 and Shared runs vary from £30-£60 per 1000.

Prices are dependant on the time it takes to deliver to a particular area. Every delivery round takes a different amount of time due to length of driveways etc, therefore it is virtually impossible to use a set rate for all delivery areas. Please contact us and let us quote you for your target delivery area.

Have you ever thought about drip feeding your leaflets to save £'s? We can offer incredible rates for people who supply 10,000 plus leaflets!

Normal shared price £60 per 1000

Supply or have us print your leaflets, delivered to areas of 5000 from a choice of Torquay, Newton Abbot and Paignton. We deliver 5000 per month to all areas with alternate homes being delivered to on the second month so 10,000 homes per area every two months (30,000).


10,000 leaflets supplied or printed. Delivery price £50 per 1000

15,000 leaflets supplied or printed. Delivery price £45 per 1000

20,000 leaflets supplied or printed. Delivery price £40 per 1000

Need printing? Call us with your current prices and see what we can do

All prices for a maximum size of A5, single page, call us for anything larger

Delivered to any of our three main areas of Torquay, Paignton and Newton Abbot. Spread delivery or to any area on a monthly "drip feed".

Contact us for further details

Q:What if a customer only deals with one or two areas?

A: No problem, we will hold the stock and simply deliver to the areas required, with 5000 per month being delivered per area, with at least two rounds per area, meaning that the same homes could be redone every two months, this is the drip effect, keeping you in the minds of potential customers.

Q:Can I spread the cost?

A: Again, no problem as long as the following months deliveries are paid for by the 25th of the month preceding delivery, we can even set up a direct debit if that helps.

Need printing? Call us with your current prices and see what we can do

Client list includes

DCC. rowcroft. Action for children. LTA.

Frequently Asked Questions

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Our Services

Solus tracking

Solus delivery

Your leaflet is delivered without any other marketing material.

Shared Plan

Shared Plan

Leaflet delivered with up to three other, non-competing leaflets.

Shared Leaflet

Shared Leaflet

From only £60.00 for 5,000 adverts printed and delivered.

real time tracking

Reactive Response

This reactive plan suits Tradesmen and Estate Agents.

b2b leaflet deliveries

B2B Deliveries

Target business customers with our out of hours service.

Leaflet design and web design.

Design & Print

Leaflet design, printing, web design, we have it all covered!