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Real-Time Tracking

We have introduced Live GPS Tracking for our delivery team so that clients can see their deliveries taking place.

Once per minute a time stamp is logged so that you can click anywhere on their track to see exactly what time they were delivering to a particular address.

Free real-time tracking. Free GPS tracker. Show your location live on Google Maps. Free for your Android phone.
Show your location live on Google Maps. Free real-time GPS tracker for Android.

GPS Mapping Options

The map can only show up to three trackers at any one time and will only show the last portion of the track unless you follow it live.

To look back on a track, click the orange arrow on the right of the map, choose the tracker to view and the dates. This will show full tracks.

Limitations are that all team members may not be tracked and the nature of Satellite tracking may mean inaccurate or missing tracks but gives a good indication of the area being delivered to

Client list includes

DCC. rowcroft. Action for children. LTA.

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Solus tracking

Solus delivery

Your leaflet is delivered without any other marketing material.

Shared Plan

Shared Plan

Leaflet delivered with up to three other, non-competing leaflets.

Shared Leaflet

Shared Leaflet

From only £60.00 for 5,000 adverts printed and delivered.

real time tracking

Reactive Response

This reactive plan suits Tradesmen and Estate Agents.

b2b leaflet deliveries

B2B Deliveries

Target business customers with our out of hours service.

Leaflet design and web design.

Design & Print

Leaflet design, printing, web design, we have it all covered!